English researchers succeeded in making robotic trousers using those elderly people

Disabled can easily stand or walk.

Researchers at the University of Bristol are co-inventing smart pants with muscles

Artificial ones that can help people who are unable to stand. These robotic pants give the elderly

Helps to live independently for a longer time. This is the project of Right Trousers

Is named.

Invention of robotic pants to help the elderly
The robotic trousers that are scheduled to be released in the next 10 years include a variety of technologies

These include pneumatics, plastics, graphene and electrodes that are muscle movements

And imitate the bone.

These pants have plastic inside bubbles that expand and are like artificial muscle

They act and cause people to stand. Parts of these trousers are also soft graphene

They are hardened by their heat, and they also protect the ankle.

This project has been funded with a £ 2million Physics and Engineering Research Board.

Source: telegraph