An English think tank said in a report that the robotics industry would eliminate 20 million manufacturing jobs by 2030.
According to the report, more than 1.7 million jobs since 2000 have been lost due to the use of factories by robots.

An examination of a British think tank suggests that, due to the growth of the robotics industry, by the year 2030, around 20 million productive jobs will occur

will be destroyed. This think tank says more than 1.7 million manufacturing jobs since 2000 were due to the use of factories
The robots are gone. If we consider the statistics geographically, the robotics industry has about 400,000 jobs
In Europe, 260,000 jobs in the United States and 500,000 jobs in China have been eliminated. The report also shows the amount of robotics
Production lines around the world are increasing significantly, and according to statistics only since 2010, stocks of companies
Industrial robots have more than doubled growth.

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The growth of the robotics industry and the destruction of jobs
Research by researchers suggests that any new robot that is used in a plant destroys about 1.6 manufacturing jobs.

On the other hand, over the next five years, the use of service industries will increase in the use of robots, with jobs in logistics, health,
Retail, travel and transportation will also be dramatically affected. Of course, the same studies show the robots
Can create millions of new jobs and increase productivity significantly. Also installed by 2030
Robots will grow by about 30 percent, which will increase GDP by 5.3 percent.

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