According to the technology department of Student News Agency, quoted from the Information and Communication Center of the Vice President of Science and Technology of the Presidency,
Ali Mohammad Soltani, head of the Center for Strategic Technology of Convergent Technologies of the Vice President of Science and Technology of the Presidency, said:
The production of new products requires the interaction of researchers from different fields of technology. An activity that requires the coordination and action of a joint activity
Head of Technology Development. Hence, establishing and continuously communicating with the headquarters and departments of one of the scientific fellows
The key approaches are the center.

Soltani continued, taking steps to develop business in the converging area. Support for startups and demonstrations

The path to production and commercialization of products is one of these measures, which is to achieve it with specialized accelerators and development support centers
Businesses are interacting.

The head of the Center for Strategic Technology of Convergent Technology, Vice-Chancellor of Science, introduced artificial intelligence as another point of convergence, the center in this field

He added, “Artificial intelligence with usability in robotics machines is one of the points of convergence of cognitive technology and information
is considered.

Soltani said: “In this area, powerful human resources have been trained by holding specialized workshops.” Activity and use of this force
Efficient can provide the ground for advancement in this field. Of course, the activity of specialists in this area is limited to participating in the tournament
Footballer and helper. Because most industries are reluctant to use this technology.

He noted that in the center for the development of activities in this area, too, there have been some steps to take advantage of this potential in the country on the path

Advancement will benefit. In this area, there is also a plan to make available knowledge to build robots from the phase
An industrial experiment will take place. So soon we will see the development and development of capabilities in this area to witness the penetration of this technology
We will be in the industries of Sangin and Hamlu.