On June 21, NASA engineers connected it to the jet propulsion lab, the main robotic arm of the Rolling Stream 2020.
This 2.1 meter long arm allows the rover to use the equipment as a geologist and collect information.

Scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory are completing the 2020 Mars Rover Process for their next mission.

(NASA’s second-largest rover is in production). The rover was recently equipped with 6 wheels to patrol the surface of Mars.
Scientists at the next stage also equipped the rover with a robotic arm.

This robotic arm is a complex device in its own right, because of 5 electric motors and 5 joints, including shoulder joints, elbows

And the wrist is formed. This arm has a total length of 2.1 m and will be used to use different equipment.

At the end of the arm, there is a reciprocating reel that acts as a roving hand and features equipment such as high quality cameras

The top is scientific equipment and drill drill.

Rover 2020 will eventually have two arms: one main arm that is now connected to it, and the other smaller arm inside it

And will be placed in order to sort the samples collected from the rock and soil of Mars.

Rover 2020 is expected to land on Mars in the tropical crater, which is said to probably have a long

Water has been. The rover collects rocks from this area, so that by studying their structure, scientists are aware of the existence or absence of
Ensure water in the area. In addition to geological samples, this rover will also record high-quality color images.

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