What is Internet of Things

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The simplest concept of the Internet of Things is to connect different devices through the Internet. With the help of IoT, different applications and devices can interact with each other and even with humans. A simple example to understand the concept of IoT can be turning on and off the lamp using your smartphone. There are [...]

Robotic surgery

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Robotic surgery, or robot-assisted surgery, allows doctors to perform many types of complex procedures with more precision, flexibility and control than is possible with conventional techniques. Robotic surgery is usually associated with minimally invasive surgery — procedures performed through tiny incisions. It is also sometimes used in certain traditional open surgical procedures. About robotic surgery Robotic [...]

7 Reasons Why Robotics Should be Taught in Schools

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Technology is changing the way people do things in every part of the world, and the sector continues to expand. What are schools doing to prepare the next generation for the future? The truth is that educational institutions are already doing a great deal of work in this area. In fact, everything we see today in [...]

The Spot-mini is coming to market

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Robot maker Boston Dynamics, now owned by Japanese telecom and tech giant SoftBank,Boston Dynamics first introduced Spot in 2015, when it was still in development . Spot is a compact, nimble four-legged robot that can trot around your office, home, or outdoors. It can map its environment, sense and avoid obstacles, climb stairs, and open doors. [...]

Stickman Robot: A smart acrobatic robot

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Stickman is a smart acrobatic robot that can shoot in the air And then land in a way that is safe and secure. robot Stickman still has no hands and looks more like a piece of wood, but in the near future As these technologies come together, you may see robotic robots Like the examples shown [...]

A robot that is intended to teach students how to write

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Italian school officials in Rabat offer tuition for ten year old students They're set to revolutionize the education and technology industry. This Android robot is set to accompany the teacher in areas such as story writing and play Teaching students. Luka Reina, a teacher of literature and a digital education tutor who implements this project at [...]

Artificial intelligence robots do not make you idle

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The development of artificial intelligence and the creation of robots has caused many robots Artificial Intelligence can be thought of as a factor in future unemployment. According to Tekretato, Microsoft CEO Sathya Nadella on intelligence-based robots Artificially has presented interesting ideas. According to him, robots cause people to be idle They will not be. Artificial intelligence [...]

Using these robotic pants, the elderly will be able to stand

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English researchers succeeded in making robotic trousers using those elderly people Disabled can easily stand or walk. Researchers at the University of Bristol are co-inventing smart pants with muscles Artificial ones that can help people who are unable to stand. These robotic pants give the elderly Helps to live independently for a longer time. This is [...]

Improve sick children with the help of robotic bears

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According to MIA News, a new research for the first time shows that social robots that At therapeutic sessions, they can help provoke positive emotions in sick children. Some hospitals welcome interventions in the pediatric treatment process, and allow specialist clinicians to For the treatment of admitted children. These steps involve processes such as play, preparation [...]

NASA sends a birdwatch to Saturn’s moon

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The US Space Agency (NASA) said it plans to launch a new birdwatch, known as Dragonfly, on a moon Send Titan, one of the moons of the planet Saturn. NASA has chosen its next planet and wants a bird probe called Dragonfly sends Saturn's largest moon, Titan. This unidirectional probe is as curiosity as Mars explorer [...]