The development of artificial intelligence and the creation of robots has caused many robots

Artificial Intelligence can be thought of as a factor in future unemployment.

According to Tekretato, Microsoft CEO Sathya Nadella on intelligence-based robots

Artificially has presented interesting ideas. According to him, robots cause people to be idle

They will not be.

Artificial intelligence is developing rapidly and every day new news about this area

Listening Boosting robots builds robots based on artificial intelligence

To create concerns for people. People are worried that robots will make them unemployed.

But Sathya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, has another comment.

Development of AI-based robots
Microsoft CEO says that although artificial intelligence is moving at a fast pace, open

Both artificial intelligence-based robots can not stop the workforce. He is in

Continuing his talk about AI-based technologies, he added

The year 2018, which needs to be addressed seriously, is the subject of ethical issues and attention to principles

Is ethical According to him, it is necessary to provide the principles and frameworks for the engineers and the companies in

Current activities in the field of artificial intelligence are explained.

Nadella continues her talk about robot issues about Microsoft’s new business model

Speaking and announcing that the model was based on customer payments for services and never based on

Not in front of humans. So worries about robbing the human position of the robots

It is unnecessary.

Source: financialexpress