Italian school officials in Rabat offer tuition for ten year old students

They’re set to revolutionize the education and technology industry.

This Android robot is set to accompany the teacher in areas such as story writing and play

Teaching students.

Luka Reina, a teacher of literature and a digital education tutor who implements this project at this school.

“We are in an age where technology is developing at a fast pace,” he said

And spread. As a result, we have to prepare ourselves to coordinate with these new technologies.

The fact is that robots will play an increasingly important role in our lives, so we

We need to learn how to communicate with them. ”

The training aid robot is part of a four-month project, which according to its manufacturers has three goals

Follows the original. A Mechanical Engineering Course for Robotics Training and Performance Improvement

The robot, the training and development of the Italian language, including the writing of stories and writing plays, is the second goal

And also a skill-based element in which the robot can be able to solve equations, relationships,

Collaboration and teamwork.

Robot engineer Angela Bravo is a robotic engineer. He says about the function of these robots:

“These robots are made up of four main components, which include an animated module, a module

The center of the brain is a ligament, a screen that displays faces and specs as well

A speaker that plays the voice. ”

The robotic engineer says his main idea is to program through children who experience

Do not do this. Why are they going to teach a child how to write a robot

Learn the process too.

Surveys show that students are happy with working with these bots. Martha is one of

Students who are satisfied with working with this robot, says: “Other kids

The school envy us because they can not work with these robots. ”

Elissa is another student who says: “Most of all, the robot captures my voice.

I enjoyed.”

“This is a long way in which we have to get to that experience,” says school teacher Reina. Kids to school

They are not going to learn how to use a computer, that’s what a technical school needs

But we aim to do this by coaching compulsory technology advances

Teach students the attributes and encourage them to use digital tools. “